The Benefits of HealthSherpa

Proven System:

Only 5-10 minutes to submit an application ~ this is by far the fastest option in the industry. HealthSherpa can power you to process more On-Exchange business. No identity proofing.

Lightning Fast:

Since November 1, 2014, HealthSherpa has helped agents process over 85,000 On-Exchange enrollments.

Dedicated Marketing Webpage:

Use your dedicated marketing webpage to enroll consumer’s in-person or online. You can email this webpage to prospects and clients alike.
Example: name)

Subsidies Included:
HealthSherpa is fully integrated with the federal data hub, so subsidies are calculated in real time as people shop for plans.

Lead Follow-up:
For any individual who do not finish the enrollment process, HealthSherpa will give you their phone number and email address, and make it easy for you to follow-up.

Simple Pricing:
The quote engine and dedicated marketing webpage are free, and you pay only $10 per submitted enrollment. There is no monthly fee, no seat license, no minimum contract, and no hidden fees!

HealthSherpa Agent Signup

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HealthSherpa – Agent Dashboard Webinar

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BGA New Consumer Flow Presentation

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